Integrity Pest Control's ......NEW! ......DEFEND PROTECTION PLAN

Insects are always determined to find an entrance into your home. With Integrity Pest Control's comprehensive DEFEND PROTECTION PLAN we get them where they live.......

There are three major steps in this program....

1:  DEFEND THE INTERIOR ...Using low toxicity products to treat cracks and crevices, also around and under applianes.

2:  DEFEND THE ENTRY AREAS ...This focuses on the areas immediately outside of your home. These areas are windows, doors, thresholds, weep holes, soffits, eaves, vents, plumbing and electrical ingress points.

3:  DEFEND THE EXTERIOR ... This is the most active area on your property. The DEFEND program gives great attention to the perimeter of your home. The brushing down of spiders, webs, wasp and wasp nest. spraying a barrier around the foundation of your home and following up with a granular bait gives you a home that is protected from pest.